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Mult-e© - Andrômeda Avenue, 433 - Room 03
Independence building Jd. Satélite
São José dos Campos - SP
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What we mean by that is:

All of our work done with partnerships have helped us to deliver projects with a quality increasingly refined.

We believe that we can achieve more and we continue capacitating our employees
with knowledge and tools that can provide continuous improvement.
Therefore, we recognize that without our partners it would be difficult to add much value
to these projects.

PTC- Product Development and Advantageous Services:

The solutions based on PTC´s technology helps leading manufacturers to transform the way they create, operate and deliver services products to a competitive and sustainable advantage.

BlueCielo - Solutions for Information Management on Assets:

BlueCielo offers the best software solution to search, monitor and protect technical asset information throughout its lifecycle.

Salesforce - the world leader in CRM and Cloud Computing:

The company has more than 15 years and has been innovating in the market since its first day, it has tools and cloud platforms to help Service Providers and Companies to keep under control important data of negotiations, value amounts, terms, marketing strategies and much more.

PROSTEP - it is the world leader in providing solutions for the manufacturing industry:

PROSTEP is the leading provider of solutions and it is independent consultant supplier for the international manufacturing industry. The specialists have an in-depth knowledge of several areas of development and they used to think outside the box, which allows the company to find the ideal solution for its customers.

Integrating people and solutions at world level.

Mult-e is a Gold Partner of Microsoft Partner Network program and that ensures access to the newest development technologies, allowing us to work with more quality and security in created solutions. It also ensures our client the certainty of working with a company that is 100% in agree with Microsoft software licensing rules.

Social responsability:

We cultivate this value among our employees, as it is vital to the professional and personal level.
Therefore, we look to establish partnerships that share this view.

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