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Mult-e© - Andrômeda Avenue, 433 - Room 03
Independence building Jd. Satélite
São José dos Campos - SP
+55 (12) 3923-5535

What we mean is:

If you already have a tool or during the process of developing a new one, Mult-e offers
as a service: to optimize and to support, as well as developing the necessary

We have the experience and the technical expertise that is essential
to offer the best option.

How it works:

We will capacitate people; we will improve the solution and ensure that the environment of production can work flawlessly.

We provide a positive experience using the solutions.

What is the real utility?

Knowledge transfer: application of knowledge already embedded on the business;

Knowledge retention: offset adverse turnover and preparing knowledge base for support;

Size: accordingtothe business;

Scalability: you can grow progressively;

Predictability of costs: hiring for scope;

What are the warranties?

Availability: develop and stand applications, aimed at the lowest possible downtime;

Capacity: needs to be analyzed, according to planned demand;

Continuity: possible service running anywhere;

Security: Contract guarantees and business modelbecause the personnel management of risk is transferred to the provider;

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Suite 121, Office 128
Orlando, FL 32819 - USA

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