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Mult-e© - Andrômeda Avenue, 433 - Room 03
Independence building Jd. Satélite
São José dos Campos - SP
+55 (12) 3923-5535

What do we mean:

The Mult-e is in a constant pursuit for the new, in both
learning and how to apply it.

We can only innovate if we look at what we have done, what worked and what did not, aligning this experience to major technological trends.

How it works:

We design, develop and implement new technological solutions to our customers, always based on a real and useful application of the tool.

We aim to accelerate the value creation for the business, optimizing time and increasing the perception of the benefits that the tool provides.

What is the real utility?

Knowledge transfer - application of knowledge already embedded on the business;

Knowledge retention: reduce negative effects of the turnover and prepare knowledge base for support;

Size: according to each business;

Scalability: it can grow progressively;

Predictability of costs: hiring based on scope.

What are the guarantees?

Availability: we develop and give support to applications, aiming the lowest downtime possible.

Capacity: analyzed according to planned demand;

Continuity: possibility of executing the service anywhere;

Security: Contract guarantees and business model because the personnel management of risk is transferred to the provider;

8600 Commodity Circle,
Suite 121, Office 128
Orlando, FL 32819 - USA

+1 (321) 800-4504