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"The relationship with the Mult-e has always been the best possible."

Ademar Gomes, Chief of IT. Hitachi

Client: Hitachi Air Conditioning

The Project: Mult-e developed the Consult System for Sale / Purchase Order and Invoice to be used by customers and suppliers from Hitachi, facilitating consultation that was previously conducted by telephone and that demanded a dedicated professional and high cost.

What were the benefits expected by Hitachi?
Avoid information errors, streamline communication with customers / suppliers and reduce the cost of telephony.

What were the perceived benefits by Hitachi?
The Mult-e met all the benefits previously set by the client.

"An important landmark for the new Helibras, because it is a pioneer project in Brazil using technologies applied worldwide in the aviation branch of TechPub."

Vólia Vasconcelos, supervisor of Mult-e Technical Publications Area

Client: Helibras

What was the job?

Computerized technical manuals that reduced drastically the paper use and consequently optimized working time, also reducing the time spent on it.

Customer insight:

"The system adopted in the Technical Publications area of Engineering Center has brought great gains to Helibras; the idea now is to make the roll-out for all programs, integrate it into other areas of the company and then deploy it in other subsidiaries of Airbus Helicopters ".

Some benefits of PTC solution:

Centralization of information in a single document repository.
Documentation management, illustration and publication of manuals.
Tracking and control of document lifecycle.
Systematic and electronic flow of documents for approval. This creates flexibility in the process of information collection.
Safe and dynamic environment, with access control.

Awarded initiative

The TechPub project of Helibras won the PTC Metrics Awards of 2013, an annual award presented by PTC Brazil, in the "Aerospace and Defense".

In the ceremony, which took place in August, Helibras presented the project as a case of success , along with other companies such as Embraer, Whirlpool and AGCO. The PTC Metrics Awards aims to select and reward the best projects developed with the solutions of the company. Of the nine listed initiatives, four were winners, including the Helibras. The trial was conducted by PTC experts and took into account criteria such as innovation, complexity and product benefits.

Source: HB em foco - internal magazine of Helibras


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