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Mult-e© - Andrômeda Avenue, 433 - Room 03
Independence building Jd. Satélite
São José dos Campos - SP
+55 (12) 3923-5535

Mult-e is today
a consultancy specialized in

Strategy, Innovation and Support & Continuous
Improvement Applications.


We did and will continue to do projects that, in fact, have applicability to our customers. It is our daily challenge to develop real utilities.

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We are the first Brazilian company homologated by PTC to provide services during the implementation of its products.

Mult-e was also chosen to be the first Brazilian company partner of BlueCielo, a Dutch company with 32 years of experience and that operates in more than 50 countries with an innovative platform focused on Industrial Engineering.

We are inserted in the engineering market for the past 17 years and we have participated in innovation projects and critical missions alongside larger companies.

This pioneering spirit has helped us to align our latest projects in order to create a focused core for development and support, using the latest and more effective applications in software development.

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Mult-e Mission

To provide technological solutions and best practice processes aligned to the business objectives of our clients.

Our vision

Be the reliable partner for the most challenging transformations.

Mult-e values

  • Respect
    for people
  • Commitment and
    partnership with
    our client
  • Enhancement of
  • Sustainability
  • Social

Our History

We apply our experience to a diverse number of fronts, focusing on innovation and mobility, always thinking in delivering value to our customers.
Since 1999, we concentrate on educating professionals with specializations and knowledge in the optimization of processes and tools.

Delivering quality and innovations, we have built more than just a customer base with great companies; we also built everlasting relationships over these 17 years.

With our headquarters based in São José dos Campos, São Paulo, we are more than 150 employees, including consultants and engineers.

8600 Commodity Circle,
Suite 121, Office 128
Orlando, FL 32819 - USA

+1 (321) 800-4504